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Andre the Giant, a legendary figure in the world of professional wrestling, was known for his immense size and charismatic personality. However, behind the scenes, Andre had a personal life that was relatively private. One aspect of his life that garnered attention was his relationship with his wife. In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding Andre the Giant’s wife, shedding light on their relationship and providing insights into this lesser-known aspect of the wrestling icon’s life.

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1. Early Life of Andre the Giant’s Wife

Andre the Giant’s wife, whose name was Jean Christensen, was born in France in the early 1950s. Little is known about her early life, as she preferred to stay out of the spotlight. However, it is believed that she met Andre during his wrestling tours in Europe.

2. Marriage to Andre the Giant

Jean Christensen and Andre the Giant tied the knot in a private ceremony in the late 1970s. Their marriage was kept away from the public eye, with only close friends and family in attendance. Despite Andre’s fame and larger-than-life persona, Jean preferred to lead a quiet and private life.

3. Life as the Wife of a Wrestling Legend

Being married to a wrestling legend like Andre the Giant came with its challenges. Jean had to navigate the world of professional wrestling, which was often filled with intense rivalries and demanding schedules. However, she stood by Andre’s side, providing him with unwavering support and love.

4. Family Life and Children

Jean and Andre did not have any children together. Their focus was on their relationship and supporting each other through the ups and downs of life. Despite the demands of Andre’s wrestling career, the couple cherished their time together and valued their bond above all else.

5. Coping with Andre’s Health Issues

As Andre the Giant battled health issues later in his life, Jean was by his side, offering him comfort and care. She played a crucial role in ensuring that Andre received the medical attention he needed and that he was as comfortable as possible during his struggles with health issues.

6. Andre the Giant’s Legacy

After Andre the Giant’s passing in 1993, Jean Christensen has maintained a low profile, choosing to honor her late husband’s legacy in her own way. She has been involved in charitable endeavors and has supported initiatives that celebrate Andre’s contributions to the world of wrestling.

7. Remembering Andre the Giant

Despite the passage of time, Andre the Giant’s legacy continues to endure, with fans around the world remembering him as a larger-than-life figure who left an indelible mark on the world of professional wrestling. Jean Christensen remains a custodian of his memory, ensuring that his impact is never forgotten.


1. Did Andre the Giant’s wife ever appear in public with him?

Yes, Jean Christensen occasionally accompanied Andre to public events, but she generally preferred to stay out of the spotlight.

2. How did Andre the Giant’s wife cope with his fame?

Jean supported Andre throughout his career, providing him with love and understanding as he navigated the challenges of fame and fortune.

3. Did Andre the Giant’s wife have any involvement in the wrestling industry?

No, Jean Christensen chose to maintain a distance from the wrestling industry and focused on her personal life with Andre.

4. What was the nature of Andre the Giant’s relationship with his wife?

Andre and Jean shared a deep and loving bond, with Jean providing Andre with the stability and support he needed in his personal life.

5. How did Andre the Giant’s wife contribute to his legacy?

Jean Christensen has honored Andre’s legacy by preserving his memory and supporting initiatives that celebrate his contributions to wrestling.

6. Did Andre the Giant’s wife remarry after his passing?

No, Jean Christensen chose to remain single after Andre’s passing, focusing on preserving his legacy and honoring their relationship.

7. How does Jean Christensen remember Andre the Giant today?

Jean continues to cherish the memories of her time with Andre and remains committed to upholding his legacy in the wrestling world.


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